Intro: The Dome is located on top of one of my barns on our ranch, and this is no ordinary barn, it is a very solid overbuilt timberframe barn for our horses, being a Building Contractor myself for a living, this barn is extremely overbuilt, taking over 2 yrs and nearly 2 million dollars, it makes for a very solid base for the dome, the dome base is built on top of the north roof line, the foundation under the structure is massive using close to 11 yards of concrete just under this area, and all the framing is solid fir beams, glu-lams, double roof frame, and the dome platform is no less the same, custom made 1/2" steel plate support brackets attached to the lower beams, glu-lams, double sheeted for sheer, as is the way the frame structure is built. The control room is built the same, located 58' from the dome, all connected with under ground wiring systems, and built in wiring chases for expansion. it has over sized walls and is sound-proofed. It has its own full commercial generator for power loss, full room power conditioners, wired for everything I can think of, the latest monitored security systems, etc.




1) Meade LX600 ACF 16" - F8


The Dome:

 15' Pro Dome w/ full computerized automation from control room


The Dome Foundation: